Thought for the day.

IMG_9254“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
-William Morris

We never tire of the simple pleasure to be found in the morning ritual of walking the dogs  … and taking our wonderful pig,  ‘Pigley’ for a wander down to the pond for a wallow.  She loves a chat and relishes the company. Have a lovely weekend.  And remember to look for the beauty in everyday things. M x


  1. Hey Mau Love your messages and your photos. I’m in the most amazing Greek cafe in Morea lower Hutt where I practice my golf. The milk is raw it makes the coffee taste great. Every thing is expensive. This is a poor area but the people coming in are up market. It’s called Zany Zeus Finest Mediterranean Food. It’s a bit cold today to be in Athens. Grace is back, broke, had a great trip. They have kept her job open at the Warehouse. Security. She started at 10 today. She wants to go to University and do a business course – yah. Our bees have been devastated by the Veroa mite native bees are nearly extinct – so sad. Good to see your project to have a hive at the potting shed. Lol Marie

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