Light is Fugitive

Good morning from The Potting Shed.  Yesterday I was given a lovely little stool to decorate my office and I promptly dressed it up with a big bowl of old fashioned roses from the garden.  It made me think of this beautiful picture by Laura Jones, which unfortunately was sold by the time I got to the exhibition opening recently.Image

What talent we have living here in the Highlands.  Laura resides in Exeter and her exhibition “Light is Fugitive” (from a quote by celebrated Australian artist Margaret Preston),  is on until March 21 at the gorgeous Gallery Ecosse, opposite the General Store. Don’t miss it.  Laura’s pictures of floral arrangements reflect her considerable skill as a trained florist and her masterful use of colour. She has taken the subject of floral still life and added a modern zing, a liveliness, a bold use of colour. The result is wonderful.  I dream of having one of Laura’s works hanging here in my little Potting Shed!

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